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Would you like to store household items, furniture or other objects for a certain period of time? We at Fox Storage offer the right solution.

Collection, storage and return delivery
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of the storage variant

With us, you can choose between individual bookings or bookings for a specific warehouse size. For individual bookings, please specify the exact quantity of items to be collected in the online booking process. When booking a specific warehouse size, you book the required storage space in square meters. You do not have to specify or count individual items.

your objects

On the day of collection, your packed moving boxes and items are taken away and stored in our air-conditioned warehouse. Enter your preferred dates for the collection of your packed moving boxes and items in the online booking process.

Return delivery
after the end of the contract

After your individually specified return delivery date, the stored items will be delivered to your desired address. Depending on the selected service option, directly to your accommodation or in front of the desired property

Don't fancy counting boxes? Select and book storage space now

Conveniently select one of the bearing sizes shown.
As with individual bookings, your items are collected free of charge, stored and returned to the desired address.

2 m² storage unit
(6 cubic meters)

65 €

The capacity corresponds to
a 20 m² apartment

3 m² storage unit
(9 cubic meters)

95 €

The capacity corresponds to
a 30 m² apartment

4 m² storage unit

120 €

The capacity corresponds to
a 40 m² apartment

5 m² storage unit

150 €

The capacity corresponds to
a 50 m² apartment

10 m² storage unit

250 €

The capacity corresponds to
a 60 m² apartment

Next level storage space - customize now

Conveniently select the desired number of moving boxes and items to be picked up, stored and delivered to the desired address after consultation. Collection, storage and return delivery are free of charge. You only pay a monthly amount per stored box or item.


On the questions, get set, go!

You can find further possible questions and answers

  • These are open-ended rental contracts.
  • Termination of the tenancy agreement shall take effect upon return of the removal boxes and items. If the items are returned before the prescribed minimum rental period of 90 days, the rental agreement shall be terminated after this period has expired.
  • The minimum rental period is 3 months (90 days). However, the stored items can be returned before the minimum rental period.
  • Your items are insured up to a value of €5,000. If a higher storage insurance is required, you can inform us in writing or by telephone.
  • You pay the first month’s rent in the online booking process. This begins on the day your items are collected. In the following months, we will send you the invoices by e-mail.

No objects that are highly flammable or highly flammable may be stored. The storage of goods that may cause odor nuisance or harmful emissions is also prohibited. (Not complete) List of prohibited goods:

  • Damp or wet goods or objects,
  • any objects that emit smoke, odor or fragrance,
  • Food and other perishable goods (susceptible to spoilage) unless securely packaged so as to protect them and prevent them from attracting vermin or living creatures of any kind or otherwise causing a nuisance,
  • flammable or combustible materials or liquids including diesel, gasoline, waste oil,
  • Paints, varnishes and solvents,
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition,
  • Fireworks,
  • Used tires (only after prior separate agreement),
  • Animals (alive or dead),
  • Garbage and other waste material,
  • any illegal substances such as drugs, illegal items or illegally acquired goods such as smuggled or stolen goods, etc,
  • Chemicals, radioactive material, biological agents,
  • Asbestos and/or processed asbestos,
  • Gas cylinders or any other pressurized gases and/or batteries,
  • Bulk or loose goods,
  • Substances that could cause damage to the container or the location or lead to impairment of the container, the location or the neighborhood,
  • any toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or preparations classified as such in any type of legal or local ordinance.
  • You can arrange the return delivery in your own customer account. Under the heading “Return delivery” you can simply enter the desired date and we will confirm the return delivery by e-mail. If there is still a need for clarification, we will contact you.

Your items are stored in so-called high-bay warehouses. This means that direct access is not possible. However, the stored items can be retrieved from our storage system by arrangement. You can then search through and inspect your boxes and items at your leisure.

Our warehouse is air-conditioned and equipped with the latest security technology. This means that your items are protected from damage caused by fluctuating temperatures.

The schedule

The following video explains the two booking options – individual booking and booking a specific warehouse size.