When asked, ready, go!



  • The biggest advantage is that you have one contact person for the entire storage process and can therefore keep track of the prices. You don’t have to hire a sprinter or ask a removal company, buy moving boxes and we are also your contact for the return delivery. This free service offers immense savings potential.
  • With our individual booking option, you can determine exactly how many items are to be stored. If the quantity to be stored changes after the order has been placed, this can be easily adjusted.
  • If you have chosen the option to rent storage space, we can recommend the following calculation formula. They require approx. 10 % of the apartment space for storage.

No objects that are highly flammable or highly flammable may be stored. The storage of goods that may cause odor nuisance or harmful emissions is also prohibited. (Not complete) List of prohibited goods:

  • Damp or wet goods or objects,
  • any objects that emit smoke, odor or fragrance,
  • Food and other perishable goods (susceptible to spoilage) unless securely packaged so as to protect them and prevent them from attracting vermin or living creatures of any kind or otherwise causing a nuisance,
  • flammable or combustible materials or liquids including diesel, gasoline, waste oil,
  • Paints, varnishes and solvents,
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition,
  • Fireworks,
  • Used tires (only after prior separate agreement),
  • Animals (alive or dead),
  • Garbage and other waste material,
  • any illegal substances such as drugs, illegal items or illegally acquired goods such as smuggled or stolen goods, etc,
  • Chemicals, radioactive material, biological agents,
  • Asbestos and/or processed asbestos,
  • Gas cylinders or any other pressurized gases and/or batteries,
  • Bulk or loose goods,
  • Substances that could cause damage to the container or the location or lead to impairment of the container, the location or the neighborhood,
  • any toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or preparations classified as such in any type of legal or local ordinance.
  • A wide variety of security techniques are used in our warehouses. Your removal boxes and items are optimally protected with the help of state-of-the-art camera surveillance and PIN access control.
  • You are of course welcome to view the warehouse. Please call us in advance and make an appointment with us.
  • Our warehouses are heated or cooled to a constant temperature using environmentally friendly air conditioning units such as heat pumps.

You do not have direct access to your items. However, the items can be made available by arrangement and you can examine your items or remove them at your leisure.

Contract terms & payment

  • The minimum term is 90 days (3 months)
  • Termination of the current rental agreement shall take effect upon return of the stored items. If the items are returned before the prescribed minimum rental period of 90 days, the rental agreement shall be terminated after this period has expired.
  • The billing periods are always 30 days. This means that we will send you an invoice by e-mail every 30 days from the time you collect the items and moving boxes.
  • You pay the first month’s rent online + one-off additional services in advance. The start of the rental period to be paid is the time of collection of the specified items and removal boxes.
  • However, you can also specify the invoice option. You can pay the first month’s rent + additional services in cash at the time of collection of the items and moving boxes.
  • If you have created a customer account, you can conveniently view and download the invoices in your personal area on our website.
  • If you book without a customer account, you will receive invoices by e-mail every three weeks.
  • We offer the payment options Klarna, Paypal, giro and credit card payment, bank transfer and one-off cash payment on collection for the first month’s rental and the selected additional services.
  • Yes Your items are covered by the basic insurance up to a value of €5,000. This is already included in the rental price.
  • If you would like higher insurance cover, you are welcome to ask us about this.
  • We offer the following additional insurance packages.
    • Warehouse insurance (value of goods €6,000) – €1 per month
    • Warehouse insurance (value of goods €7,000) – €2 per month
    • Warehouse insurance (value of goods €8,000) – €3 per month
    • Warehouse insurance (value of goods 9,000) – 4€ per month
    • Warehouse insurance (value of goods 10,000) – 5€ per month
Collection & return delivery
  • Please seal the moving boxes airtight with adhesive tape.
  • We wrap mattresses and carpets in foil to protect them from dirt and moths.
  • Items such as chests of drawers, tables, cupboards etc. are also packed by us in bubble wrap and stretch film.
  • You can arrange for the items to be returned after 24 hours
  • It is also possible to collect the goods yourself on site. Allow us a provisioning time of 24 hours for this.
  • You can change the return delivery date at any time in your personal customer account or in writing by e-mail.
  • Yes, that’s not a problem at all. Simply let us know by phone, e-mail or make another booking online with the same personal details and we will collect the items and book them to your existing customer account.
  • If you have rented a certain storage unit size, we will check whether the existing storage unit size is sufficient or whether a larger storage unit is required.